Enabling empowered women - access to water a partnership between rr foundation and gram chetna kendra

An initiative by RR Foundation to improve water access and availability and reduce drudgery experienced by women through the plantation of native species

  • Innovative approach to water conservation and
  • Access
  • Emphasis on native, indigenous species
  • Location: Jaipur district

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Geeta Parihar

Sonu Kumari

Hansa Choudhary


Water scarcity is a critical issue that Rajasthan faces with women trudging several kilometres a day for water for their daily needs. This limits their ability to engage in productive tasks and lowers their overall quality of life. RR Foundation aims to alleviate the drudgery faced by women in Rajasthan by planting trees native to the state, increasing the water table and aiding in water conservation. With this aim in end, RR Foundation has partnered with Gram Chetna Kendra for an initiative spanning two years (24 months) from March 2020 to February 2022 that will, through the plantation of 14,000 trees and impacting 345 women in five villages in Sambhar Block, Jaipur district, Rajasthan.

The plantation of khejri trees on 70 hectares of land over two years, is estimated to increase groundwater levels by 30 mm per hectare per year after three years.

Gram Chetna Kendra (GCK) is a voluntary organization established in 1989, operational in 791 villages in 11 districts of Rajasthan. They pursue a participatory based approach to activities and a focus on children and women projects.