As we believe that mental health conditioning is a key pillar for the success of our women, we have now ensured that all our projects have a mental health intervention as a part of it. We are trying to ensure that each & every woman from our projects at least has a basic understanding of the most common mental health issues thus breaking the stigma around it and helping women grow.

Awareness interventions:

  • We have worked with 500+ women in September 2023 to provide them basic mental health awareness trainings as an extension of our #KhulkeBolo initiative. Through this initiative not only did we assist them with information but also connected them with a toll-free mental health helpline.
  • So far, through all our awareness interventions we have received 7000+ calls on the mental health helpline
  • Implementation partner: Wysa

Hindi AI mental health chatbot:

  • As the next step post awareness, we want to encourage help-seeking behaviour amongst the women. To this end, along with the helpline, we are piloting India’s first Hindi mental health AI chatbot widget with rural women. We have a train the trainer model here wherein women from our grassroots leadership program have been trained and provided with material on how to use the widget who are then disseminating the information through their Self-Help Groups. Our objective is to have a reach of 2,000+ women through this initiative.
  • Implementation partner: Wysa