Royal Rajasthan Foundation and Sony Pictures Network Limited have come together in an attempt to lift the veil of silence around mental health through the #KhulKeBolo campaign which urges women & the men in their lives to speak up & talk openly about their mental health challenges as it will not only lead them on a journey to healing but also create a healthy & safe environment for the future!

We as a community have come to agree & believe the intrinsic interlinkages between physical & mental health. Tutorials on getting a fit body are just a few clicks away, but it is not that simple for mental health wellness. Many Indians have long been suffering in silence due to the intangible nature of the matters of the mind.

While there has been a global increase in the prevalence of depression & anxiety by 25% in the post-pandemic era, a WHO report in 2018 before it also suggested that India was the most depressed country in the world where 1 person in 4 families lives their entire adult lives with significant amounts of stress with little to no guidance on how to deal with it. 

Status of mental health

Mental health issues can be attributed largely to two factors

Lack of resources

Stigma, stemming from lack of awareness.

In India, there is a stark shortage of mental health Professionals



psychiatrists per 100,000 people



Psychiatrists per 100,000

With less than 1% of the country’s total health budget being allocated for mental health, there is a treatment gap of 70% - 80% according to experts

A myopic view of complex mental health concepts along with stigmatisation compels millions of individuals to keep silent. As per recent reports,


of the people living with mental illness experience social exclusion & discrimination. Fear of judgement & discrimination along with stigma & taboo associated with it & being labelled ‘pagal’ or mad making them hesitant from seeking support.

Unfortunately, there is also a stark paucity of safe spaces to have an open conversation about the stressors in their lives ensuring everyone suffers in silence.

For women,

the issues are further exacerbated by gender discrimination, malnourishment, sexual & domestic abuse leaving them

2- 3 Times more vulnerable to the risk of developing mental health issues.

The situation worsens for the rural women, as 22% are likely to suffer from depression & anxiety among others, which is much higher than the national average, according to a study conducted in central India.

If you or someone you know wants to talk to someone, please call the Sangath tele-counselling helpline given below.

10 am - 6 pm

On the ground

Mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being, and it is crucial to address the specific needs and challenges faced by women in India. Women in India often experience unique social, cultural, and economic factors that can have a significant impact on their mental health.

One of the key factors affecting women's mental health in India is gender inequality. Despite progress in various areas, gender disparities continue to exist in many parts of the country. Women often face discrimination, limited access to education and employment opportunities, and unequal power dynamics within their families and communities. These factors can contribute to feelings of low self-esteem, powerlessness, and stress, leading to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Violence against women is another critical concern that adversely affects mental well-being. India has been grappling with issues of domestic violence, sexual harassment, and assault for a long time. Such traumatic experiences can have long-lasting effects on a woman's mental health, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety.

A woman plays many roles in her life - a daughter, a working professional, a mother, a partner, a homemaker, a grandmother. Each phase comes with its own set of challenges and if not tackled in the right manner can lead to bigger issues. In the context of the challenges faced by women today, it has become imperative to see mental health not just through a specialised lens but accept that they can affect every person irrespective of phase of life, financial and social background.

We at the Royal Rajasthan Foundation see this as our guiding principle and have incorporated mental health modules across all our programs with women in Rajasthan. We are providing women in 15 villages in Rajasthan with mental health workshops wherein they receive awareness of the common issues such as anxiety & depression, reduce the stigma and encourage women to speak openly through women’s groups and peer sessions. Through this intervention, we also help them identify the triggers, actions and motivations so they can help those around them in a meaningful manner.



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