Our Vision:

Aurat Hai toh Bharat Hai

Our Mission:

Enabling opportunities for empowered women for equitable access to - Water, Livelihoods, Clean Energy & Mental Health

Our History:

Rajasthan Royals has always been a socially conscious franchise, having funded projects since 2013 for cleft lip surgeries, education of the girl child, care for the elderly, organising grassroots cricket, raising awareness on early cancer detection with the Government of Rajasthan and Tata Trusts to name a few.

With the incorporation of the Foundation in 2019, we aim to amplify our impact through partnerships and behaviour change methodologies at scale with the larger objective of enabling empowered women in the state of Rajasthan.

Our Approach:

  • Reducing barriers to growth:

    Addressing essential needs such as:

    • Potable Water/Water for Livelihood
    • Clean Energy
  • Enabling Powerful Mindsets:
    • Facilitate raising awareness among women regarding their empowerment by overcoming internalised limitations & restrictions imposed on them by the structural gender roles.
    • Create grassroots women role models through leadership programs
  • Encourage Sustainable Livelihoods:
    • Earth-first means of livelihood
    • Livelihoods to preserve culture & traditions.
    • Livelihoods that lead to enabling empowerment of the community to provide local means of income.

RRF’s Impact so far:

  • 70k women directly impacted
  • 194 million people reached
  • 65,000 khejri & fruit-bearing trees planted
  • 30% increase in income
  • 100+ water harvesting structures constructed
  • INR 2.3 crores facilitated as loans

Sambhar Transformation Vision 2030:

Enabling access of water & clean energy for the empowered women of Sambhar block, Jaipur district, Rajasthan, facilitating social, economic & environmental impact.

Women's Access to Water

According to World Bank, India will only be able to meet 50% of its water demand by 2030 therefore there is an urgent need to protect & conserve each and every raindrop that falls on the surface of our country. RRF aims to enable access to water for empowered women in Sambhar block, Jaipur district through scientific needs-based long term & short-term solutions such as afforestation through planting Khejri Trees & construction of rainwater harvesting structures among other interventions.

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Women's Access to Clean Energy

Rajasthan experiences 300-320 sunny days throughout the year! The need to harness this renewable source of the energy is intensifying today with the fast-depleting fossil fuels. RRF believes in creating a holistic & clean environment with the empowered women of Rajasthan that are good for the people & the planet! This is being done by enabling access to sustainable, clean & affordable sources of electricity to empowered women of rural Rajasthan with a focus on solar energy.

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Women's Access to Livelihoods

In 2021, the unemployment rate of women in Rajasthan was around 65%, higher that the national average. With this in mind, RRF is working to ensure doorstep sustainable livelihoods for the empowered women of Rajasthan which not only aid in income augmentation but also translates into intangible outcomes.

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Diksha Sekhri

Diksha Sekhri

Architect – Social Impact

Diksha is a development professional with over a decade of experience across various sectors. Her vision to work towards an equitable society for all and her need to make a difference to the lives of the marginalized communities led her to the development sector. Using her corporate experience having previously worked with companies like Directi & Provogue, Diksha is excited to bring innovation and scale to the problems posed by the sector.

As the foundation lead for the Royal Rajasthan Foundation, Diksha not only oversees all operations but also works at building out a progressive strategic plan to ensure beneficiary-centred programming which enables the highest social ROI.

Prachi Kathuria

Prachi Kathuria

Catalyst- Social Equity

As a catalyst- social impact, Prachi supports strategic planning and business development at RR Foundation with a vision to champion women at the core of all interventions of the foundation. With more than 5 years of experience in the social development sector, Prachi has a keen interest in corporate social responsibility, project implementation, partnership building and research.

Dalip Pande

Dalip Pande

Chief Operating Officer

Dalip has over 40 years of experience working in the FMCG, IT, Strategy and Consulting and the Not for profit sector. Over the last 12 years, he has been working with a not for profit organization focused on the healthcare sector, leading partnership and fundraising with large organisations. Passionate about cricket having played at various levels, he loves watching the game.