For many of us, this could be the first lockdown of our lives. The fight against COVID-19 gathers pace and this has seen most of the world having to adjust to a new way of life.  You don’t stay in a war-stricken nation, lockdowns may seem like a new way of life to adjust to. Can you remember a time in your life when you couldn’t watch LIVE sporting action from any corner of the world? Being in the middle of a situation like this isn’t easy for fans and more so, for athletes. However, the Rajasthan Royals boys are fighters and have found innovative ways to make the most of being in isolation.

Overseas Royals

Our skipper, Steve Smith found time to connect with his fans on Instagram stories with an ‘ask me anything’ session. It was Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes who stole the show with their work-out videos.

Buttler’s wife Louise, had the batsman all kitted up in his whites and got him to do pilates. The Royal, who had even put on his helmet, did a fine job by following all of her instructions. Here, take a look. 

Stokes, on the other hand, involved his children in his work-out routine, getting them on his back while doing some push-ups.

The ones that got really creative were Jofra Archer and Ish Sodhi. The former put out a selection of workouts with his trusty dogs helping Jofra out!

The one that’s stood out was Ish Sodhi who had an ace up his sleeve. Do lend your ear please.

Indian Royals

The local Rajasthan Royals players showcased some of their own strategies to keep the body and mind in shape during the lockdown in India. While all of them were keen on maintaining their fitness, many of them spent time fulfilling some of their hobbies too. Riyan Parag took to gaming, while Shreyas Gopal resorted to some reading. Most importantly they all spent quality time with their families, a cool series of Instagram stories captures their lockdown routines.

While they were finding innovative ways to keep themselves going, the Royals took out some time to send a special message to the ones working tirelessly to keep us safe against the Coronavirus pandemic. The message was led by our skipper, Steve Smith. We are proud of medical/health workers, manufacturers and sellers of essential goods, and government officials who are putting their lives on the line during these challenging times. Watch the video and spread the gratitude.

In Guwahati, our second home ground, Barsapara Stadium has been converted into a temporary hospital and quarantine centre. We are incredibly proud to work in partnership with the Assam Cricket Association who are helping supporting their community through these difficult times.

The entire Royals Family urges all of you to stay home and stay safe during this lockdown phase. We will fight and beat this pandemic together. Halla Bol!