There is a graceful aura around whatever Manan Vohra does. His batting seems effortless, he interacts with his fans in a very cordial & friendly manner, and his quarantine routines are very cool too. The Punjabi munda has had a fun day taking over Rajasthan Royals’ Instagram stories. He kept all the fans engaged all through.

Like most other Royals, Manan started the day on the front foot by tackling some questions thrown in by the Royals fans on an Instagram LIVE. Some of the fans couldn’t stop complementing him on his looks. Manan gets that a lot anyway. Whether it’s quarantine or open season, he knows how to keep himself well groomed.

The award for the most innovative Royal during quarantine must go to Vohra. He used the almirah to do some pull-ups and didn’t flinch even once, completing it with consistent pace during the reps. He has also been seen doing some weight training with his luggage. Do let us know if you find a worthy opponent for the award. We will wait.

Manan was in the mood to play a quick game with the fans. He shot himself reciting three Bollywood dialogues, but in Punjabi, and asked the fans to guess them. All three dialogues were quite famous & many of you got all of them right as well. So, well done!

After the guessing game, Manan had to cater to his hunger. His lunch was a very healthy mix of some black rice, yellow Dal and nuts. He has been stringent on his diet throughout the quarantine period, and it shouldn’t change for the season. A short nap was mandatory after that meal.

Manan woke up during what turned out to be the lazy hours of the evening. After all the dialogue-baazi’ earlier in the day, it was his turn to listen to a few. He asked fans via an Instagram poll if he should watch the movie, Hangover or the show, Suits. The fans chose sheer entertainment over drama, and Manan had to deal with an evening Hangover, so as to speak.

The Hangover series should pretty much take care of Manan’s entire evening. He did take out some time during the movie to bid adieu to the fans on stories. The ever-smiling Manan can’t wait to get out on the field and train to gear up for the season.