Virtual cricket. Real thrill. Presenting 'Cricket On Wheels'.

This IPL 2024 season, we are introducing an innovative fusion, comprising the best of next-generation E-sports with the excitement of T20 cricket. We welcome you aboard our Pan-Rajasthan SMS Stadium.

Prepare for an unprecedented voyage with the Rajasthan Royals as we take this unique caravan through the bylanes of our home state, bringing the in-stadia cricket experience for fans away from the stadium meticulously through our mobile bus.

DATES: 16th to 24th March 2024

CITIES: Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur


A comprehensive route map shown below ensures accessibility. You are encouraged to join us at subsequent stops, we want to ensure that no enthusiast across Rajasthan is deprived of the exhilarating gaming experience with the Royals.




This endeavour transcends mere transportation; it represents a leap into the future of sports entertainment. As the mobile unit navigates through urban and rural landscapes, enthusiasts can participate in a simulated cricketing spectacle, witnessing their beloved stars perform feats of magic on the virtual pitch. It epitomises an unparalleled fusion of talent, tactics, and sheer delight, all within the distinctive and dynamic ambience of the mobile e-sports bus.


What’s in store, you ask?

  • Step into the Crease: Experience the thrill of playing cricket in virtual reality
  • Entertainment Galore: Gaming sessions, foot-tapping music, trivia & more 🎮🎶
  • Free Entry 🎟️: It’s open for all - students, families, cricket enthusiasts, and gamers


We’re on a mission to bring the stadium vibes to you, blending the spirit of cricket with the fun of gaming. So, calling all fans out there to celebrate our love for the game and get behind our Royals this IPL season.