Super Royals Ambassador get access to premium experiences and exclusive Royals memorabilia:

Player shoutouts, an opportunity to manage the official Super Royal Instagram page, pre-season matchday kits and gift hampers, masterclasses on content creation

Player shoutouts, an opportunity to manage the official Super Royal Instagram page, pre-season matchday kits and gift hampers, masterclasses on content creation

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Exclusive interactions with the Royals management including Lead Owner Manoj Badale, CEO Jake Lush McCrum, and skipper Sanju Samson!

Super Royals Love The Ambassador Programme!

The experience of starting off as a fan and moving to Super Royals and then Royal Ambassador has been nothing short of fun, learning and closeness to team RR, the team I have followed since 2008. Now many people know me as someone who loves Rajasthan Royals team and is passionate about how I associate myself with the team. I would suggest that every person who is becoming a Super Royal now should keep the passion high and contribute in a meaningful way to team RR through their skills.

The Super Royals Ambassadorship, I feel is like a medium for me to stay connected with my favorite franchise and people with whom I share the same passion. Getting a recognition and love from my favorite team is priceless and RR has given me so many memorable moments to cherish! I feel like a part of this beautiful Royal family sharing the same values and culture! Halla Bol!

From going to the stadium alone to going together, from chanting Halla Bol alone to chanting together, from missing RR buddies to growing together and growing as a community! You have all my heart RR Super Royals! Love being a Super Royals Ambassador! 💗💗

Grateful to be the Super Royals Ambassador for the UK. It is an incredible experience to have opportunities to chat with the management team and work with fellow RR ambassadors in India to maximise fan engagement experiences. Proud to be associated with a supportive and friendly franchise that listens to the fan base #superroyals

Being a Super Royals Ambassador is a source of genuine gratitude. It's not just about supporting a cricket team, it's a dynamic community where the camaraderie among Super Royals creates an electric atmosphere. Celebrating victories, enduring nail-biting matches, and sharing the passion for Rajasthan Royals make this experience truly exceptional. I'm immensely thankful for the vibrant and unforgettable moments shared with fellow Super Royals in this exciting cricket journey.

As a working professional, the Super Royal Ambassador program is helping me develop in many ways. It has helped me professionally, connecting me with many individuals doing wonderful work in the sports industry and beyond. Even my current organization admires my work as a Super Royals Ambassador and supports me for the same. Kudos to the RR management for designing such a beautiful platform for everyone who loves RR irrespective of age and giving a platform to excel in life.

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