Exclusive content, offers & games in the all-new Rajasthan Royals App

~The app will be available for free to all fans~

Download- https://bit.ly/3mAVLdM

National, September 21, 2020: Rajasthan Royals are delighted to announce the launch of their new app, “The Rajasthan Royals app”. The new application is a brand-new version designed and developed from scratch with cool new features. Through the app, Rajasthan Royals are driving a strong message that it’s about more than the game on TV, with our fans able to enjoy much more on their second screens with a complete package of entertainment and information from their favourite IPL team. The application will feature various aspects of the Rajasthan Royals franchise including cricket, players, content, gaming, merchandise, and some never seen before technology that brings fans closer to the action. 

Never miss a game

Are you an avid Royals fan, never hoping to miss an RR game? Stress no more as the app will keep you covered with all the matches in the IPL with an in-built match-centre. With an on-display match schedule and an alarm to remind you of every Royals match, the app keeps you match-ready and makes sure you never miss a moment.

Everything Rajasthan Royals in one place

The fans get access to some exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the house of Rajasthan Royals with pictures, videos, podcasts, and news for their favourite players. The franchise’s merchandising range will also be available to the fans, bringing the Royals merchandise from jerseys to masks to their fingertips. 


The Rajasthan Royals app will also feature landmark technology which will add to the fans’ experience on their second screens, a new dimension to the sport, and bringing them ever closer to their favourite game. A first of its kind in cricket, RR brings a state-of-the-art AR technology that brings some of the best cricketers in the world to life. By scanning through a unique AR marker, players will appear in 3D and through an interactive button, will showcase their skills.

Exciting games & interactions

The app will also provide the fans with a predictor game that will run simultaneously through live matches and will involve the fans predicting based on match situations. The fans will earn points with each right prediction and their names will feature on a live leader-board. A winner will be chosen for each match day and a bumper prize will be given out to the overall winner at the end of the season.

Fans can further build their community by interacting with each other using the chatroom feature. They may also be surprised by a player entering the chatroom once in a while.


The Rajasthan Royals fans come from diverse regions. The app will allow them to choose between English and Hindi to consume all the content within the app. Rajasthan Royals would like to cater to the fans within the deepest corners of India and around the globe with this initiative.

Speaking on the launch of the app, Rajasthan Royals’ COO, Jake Lush McCrum says: “With the IPL occurring away from India this year, digital engagement is even more crucial to us as a franchise, and the launch of this app enables us to entertain and engage the millions of fans watching at home on TV, through their second screen. We are excited by both the innovative features included in the app and the integrated gamification. Through augmented reality, we will step into the future with players coming to life, while with our predictor game we\"ll activate the competitive spirit in all our fans. We want this app to be THE place to be for all Rajasthan Royals fans and hope it will give them all a fantastic experience!”