~ The team's new song titled 'Halla Bol' is composed and sung by Amit Trivedi, who is ably complemented by renowned Rajasthani folk singer Mame Khan ~
~ The new song encapsulates the spirit of the Royals with the war cry of 'Halla Bol', beautifully fused into modern and folk music that aims to appeal to the diverse fanbase of the franchise as a chantable song inside stadiums ~
Jaipur, 10 March 2023: After an outstanding 2022 season where the team finished as finalists and piqued the fans interest through an entertaining brand of cricket, Royals Sports Group-owned franchise Rajasthan Royals today announced the launch of their new Official Song ahead of the upcoming IPL 2023 season. The new song 'Halla Bol' is written by lyricist Sholke Lal, composed and sung by famous Bollywood score composer and singer Amit Trivedi, and ably complemented by renowned Rajasthani folk singer Mame Khan. The song aims to appeal to the diverse fanbase of the franchise by encapsulating the spirit of the Royals with the way cry of 'Halla Bol' which is beautifully fused through a mixture of modern and folk music, and has a chantable appeal to it.

The new song lyrically retains the essence of the culture and the state of Rajasthan but differs musically from the older versions of the team's anthems 'Halla Bol' and 'Phir Halla Bol' which were based on more traditional notes. The idea behind the new song is to evoke a strong in-stadia experience that motivates the players and is exciting enough for the fans at the venues to groove to - creating a unique, tantalising atmosphere for the Royals family by also connecting to a newer and younger generation.

The lyrics of the song symbolise the diverse facets of being a true Royal - creating a beautiful fusion of two generations - where the traditional fan meets the modern-day fanatic. The song emphasizes the undying spirit of the Royals that is laced with resilience and resoluteness, and the limitless hunger to win on the field. The core essence of our home state is retained by introducing catchphrases in both Hindi and English, giving it a much wider mass appeal and the potential to be chanted at the stadiums by the Royals supporters. The outro reiterates the modern Royals philosophy.

"Music is an important, vibrant way for the Royals, both players and fans, to connect emotionally. It’s been fantastic to see the love from our fans in the creation of this song. I can’t wait to hear them chanting it in the stadium, helping drive us to victory,” stated Jake Lush McCrum, Chief Executive Officer, Rajasthan Royals.

Amit Trivedi, who revealed the Rajasthan Royals Official Song at a recent concert he performed in the franchise's home city of Jaipur, said, "My first reaction to Rajasthan Royals was ‘Halla Bol’. I’ve been following the IPL for a long time now, so I was very excited. I am also very closely attached to Rajasthan, its folk music, and the artists there. And when the idea came through cricket and the Royals team, it excited me and I thought everything is fitting beautifully well."

"With emphasis on having a song that can be chanted inside the stadiums to blow the roof off, and also in other settings across spheres, it's been a pleasure bringing the Royals' vibe to life. The war cry of 'Halla Bol' has resonated with so many Royals players and fans, and I hope that this new musical showpiece with Mame Khan can inspire the fans to really 'Halla Bol'," said Trivedi.

The new official team song can be streamed across social media platforms on the below link: https://orcd.co/hallabol

The official video of the team song can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/clIYzqDDyY4


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