Jaipur, 20 October 2023: Royals Sports Group-owned IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals, renowned for its commitment to nurturing young cricketing talent, has announced that the franchise will be launching a new cricket academy in the city of Jaipur. In collaboration with the PS Sports Agency in Jaipur, the Rajasthan Royals Cricket Academy is set to promote cricket development within the state, enabling the talented men and women to learn to play the sport the Royals way.

The Academy, which will be launched early next year, will be based at the PS Sports Excellence Arena, Ring Road, Muhana, and will serve as a stepping stone for more academies to be inaugurated by the franchise in Rajasthan in the coming years.

The Rajasthan Royals Cricket Academy in Jaipur will provide a comprehensive coaching curriculum which encompasses structured coaching methods and facilities to aspiring male and female cricketers of all age groups. Over the years, the franchise has demonstrated a strong commitment to grassroots cricket development in the state of Rajasthan, having initiated various programs and tournaments aimed at promoting the sport and unearthing talent. These initiatives include the Royal Sparks and Colts Program, which was a comprehensive talent scouting program designed to identify and nurture young cricketers across Rajasthan, and provide aspiring players with access to expert coaching and top-notch year-round support.

The Rajasthan Royals Cricket Cup has also been played across both genders and various age groups in the state, with the latest edition being played by more than 700 U19 girls hailing from 50+ schools spread across eight districts in September-October 2023. The Royals have also actively engaged with local talent, recruiting players and net bowlers for the IPL, and fast-tracking their development through trials and coaching camps, to empower the young athletes to fulfill their dreams of consequently representing not just the Royals, but also their state team and the nation.

However, what makes this opportunity even more exciting, is the chance for young male and female players coming through the academy to compete against other Royals' Academies under the purview of Royals' coaches and scouts, get access to the Royals' High Performance Centre in Nagpur and receive insights from former and current Royals' star players.

Jake Lush McCrum, Chief Executive Officer, Rajasthan Royals, expressed his excitement on the new venture, saying, "The upcoming Rajasthan Royals Cricket Academy in Jaipur is a significant development for our franchise as we look to further support grassroots cricket in the state. The quality facilities will enable us to develop a large pool of male and female players who we hope will be the future stars of Rajasthan and Indian cricket."

Former Royals' player Pankaj Singh, who was part of the inaugural IPL-winning Royals' team, was present during the announcement in Jaipur. He said, "I am pleased to see my first-ever IPL team, the Rajasthan Royals, taking this step to enhance the quality of cricket in the state. The Rajasthan Royals Cricket Academy will create a platform for young cricketers in Jaipur and neighbouring areas to hone their skills and achieve their true potential. It will also motivate the young kids to take up the sport and dream of playing for India, Rajasthan and the Royals one day."