~ The Energy Solutions brand will continue to feature on the front of the team’s official matchday jersey and training kits, with a host of sustainability-led, impact-driven initiatives in the pipeline that deepen ties between the two brands ~

National, 24 November 2023: Royals Sports Group-owned franchise Rajasthan Royals and India's leading energy solutions provider, Luminous Power Technologies today announced the extension of their association, with Luminous continuing as the team's Title Sponsor for the next two seasons. Owing to last season's collective success, Rajasthan Royals and Luminous Power Technologies will continue to exhibit their power-packed association both on and off the field. With the Luminous logo proudly displayed on the front of the Rajasthan Royals' official jersey and training kits, the two brands are also joining forces for a cause to encourage participation in sustainability initiatives in Rajasthan for driving significant community impact.

The extension of this partnership is not just a testament to the shared success of the previous season but also a reflection of the aligned vision between Luminous Power Technologies and Rajasthan Royals. Both brands are driven by a commitment to innovation and sustainability, recognizing the importance of making a positive impact on society, which will reflect majorly in the jointly led future initiatives undertaken by both entities.

Luminous Power Technologies has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge energy solutions to consumers, offering a diverse range of innovative products that cater to both urban and rural markets. Renowned for its commitment to quality and reliability, Luminous has established itself as a trustworthy No.1 Energy Solutions Super Brand, providing inverters, batteries, and solar solutions that empower individuals and communities across India, and in more than 36 countries globally. Meanwhile, the winners of the inaugural edition of the IPL, Rajasthan Royals, are a high-performance team known for their innovative and pioneering approach to cricket which includes the extensive use of data, analytics, and technology to achieve results on the field.

Commenting on the extension of the partnership, Jake Lush McCrum, Chief Executive Officer, Rajasthan Royals, said, “After our successful partnership last year where we helped strengthen Luminous' national and global footprint through impactful collaborations, we are delighted to have signed this two-year extension. Our values are deeply aligned and the social impact that we intend to create through effectively activating solar energy and enriching livelihoods in communities across Rajasthan is incredibly exciting! The renewal of our partnership gives us both the opportunity to deeply engage with our fans and consumers throughout the year and drive incredible life-changing campaigns while innovating together every step of the way."

Preeti Bajaj, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Luminous Power Technologies said, "As a brand, we continuously explore meaningful associations which help us establish a deeper connection with our stakeholders. As Luminous takes center stage on the Rajasthan Royals team's official playing kits, this collaboration represents more than a sponsorship; it reflects the mutual respect and alignment of both brands and reiterates our dedication to nurturing a sporting ecosystem via strategic partnerships. Together, we forge a compelling alliance, poised to drive innovation, champion sustainability, and catalyze positive change within individuals and communities. Luminous has consistently been drawn to the spirit of high performance, and partnering with the Royals, an epitome of excellence, aligns seamlessly with our brand philosophy. This extension not only acknowledges the triumphs of our past season but propels us into a future filled with exciting possibilities."

Neelima Burra, Chief Strategy Transformation & Marketing Officer, Luminous Power Technologies said, “Cricket is not merely a sport in India. It's an emotion. Sporting spirit is at the core of our brand building efforts. Luminous has had a long association with Sachin Tendulkar, who has been our Brand Ambassador for years now. We also have the current world batting champion Virat Kohli as the Brand Ambassador for Amaze. Both associations reflect our strong commitment to cricketing excellence in the country. By associating with one of the best cricket teams as part of the most-watched sporting events in India, Luminous created yet another opportunity to gain exposure among millions of cricket fans. In 2023, the sponsorship enabled Luminous to tap into a large audience and create a strong brand recall, which led to an increase in brand awareness and consideration. This has created good engagement and excitement among our teams and our dealer network and helped us to boost sales and revenue growth. Extending this partnership will not only further strengthen our brand identity but also engagement with our consumers and customers.”

This association aligns the transformative goals of a brand committed to revolutionizing the energy landscape with cutting-edge technology and innovation, and a cricket team actively engaged in societal transformation. Through its philanthropic arm, the Royal Rajasthan Foundation, the franchise has been enabling empowered women in Rajasthan by facilitating equitable access to water, livelihoods, and mental health interventions, along with making strides in providing access to solar energy. The partnership is poised to further amplify the collective efforts of both brands in making a lasting difference in the innovation, sustainability, and societal impact space.

Luminous also shares the Royals' commitment to imparting education to girls, creating livelihoods, and fostering a green environment, presenting numerous synergies that align seamlessly with the Royals' ambition of leveraging cricket as a vehicle to impact society positively. Luminous Power Technologies is actively engaged in CSR initiatives like LIFE and LAMP, focusing on empowering society and improving lives through education and essential support for underprivileged children. Luminous' commitment to enhancing education, livelihoods, and fostering a green environment aligns seamlessly with the Royals' ambition of using cricket to positively impact society.