We often talk about what we’d do if we are stuck on a deserted island, who and what we would take along and who you wouldn’t want with you. But give this a thought, will you? For 6 days, you have to stay indoors, in a hotel room, no house-keeping, eat indoors and no physical contact with anyone else. Many of the Rajasthan Royals players are in the middle of such a phase, but a select few have some limited access to a private lawn at the team hotel. Jaydev Unadkat is one of them. Let’s jump into his quarantine routine.

He can’t get out of his room, but as a force of habit, Unadkat woke up early enough to have a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits. He then laid out the yoga mat on the lawn and threw in a few suryanamaskars.

While he was out on the lawn, he spoke to some of the fellow Rajasthan Royals boys – some of who were up on their balconies, while some were on the lawn, but on the other sides of the restriction markers.

JD says “It’s quarantine, so eat light.” The man means what he says. Here’s what he had for lunch:

Quinoa salad
Grilled veggies

A post-lunch, afternoon nap was followed by a brief work-out session that included a quick burst of 20 push-ups in just 15 seconds. As the sun set on the Royals’ first full day in the UAE, Unadkat went back to entertain himself with a TV show. He was torn between watching Bandish Bandits and Peaky Blinders. All the previous months of lockdown have prepared the Rajasthan Royals boys adequately for the 6 days of quarantine.