No matter where you put them, and what situation they find themselves in, one thing is sure – the Rajasthan Royals fast bowlers don’t give up on their work-out drills and their meals. Apart from his usual routine, Varun Aaron had quite an interactive day, with the Royals fans on Instagram.

Aaron’s day started with a good session of cycling; earphones plugged in for some music & overlooking the lush lawn. The cycling was followed by a bunch of stretches and exercises on the lawn. He even had the big medicinal ball with him. Varun believes in a light work-out drill in the morning to get himself going.

The cook inside Varun doesn’t cease to exist when he’s on the road, or under quarantine in a room. He ordered fragments of what would eventually be stuffed into a sumptuous sandwich. He also had fruits & some nuts at his disposal. He quickly laid down his gluten-free toast, placed an avocado & a smoked salmon and voilà – the smoked salmon avocado sandwich, was ready to be gorged down.

He then got on to Rajasthan Royals’ Instagram page and went LIVE taking some interesting questions from our fans. A special guest, former Royals bowler, Dhawal Kulkarni also asked him a question on the LIVE. Right after the session, he decided to put forward a tough question for the fans. What game should he play – Mortal Kombat or Tennis World Tour on his X-box. The poll on the Instagram story had a clear winner, with 66% votes going for Mortal Kombat. And some slaying by Varun followed right after.

Aaron wasn’t done interacting with his fans. He let us post an image of the food menu and asked fans to help him order something. The options were: Miso Duck Salad or Prawn & Chicken Dimsums. This battle was tighter than the X-box games, as the former just about snuck ahead to win the poll with 54% votes. And, it looked yum!

There’s nothing like an afternoon nap after a good lunch. That is exactly what Aaron did for the rest of the afternoon. When you eat and sleep, a fast bowler’s got to burn those calories right? The Royals pacer woke up and went back to the lawn to hit the bicycle before he burst into what seemed like a high-intensity free-hand work-out.

And, that is what Varun Aaron’s busy day, even during a quarantine looks like. You can follow all the quarantine routines by the Rajasthan Royals players on our Instagram stories. Watch them soon before they disappear.

Aaron is content on staying fit before training begins a few days from now for IPL 2020. We can’t wait to see you steam in and bowl quick soon, Varun.