Bhoomika Gupta

Super Royals Ambassador, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

About Bhoomika: Super Royal Ambassador and passionate Rajasthan Royals fan, living and breathing the essence of the team, always ready for a chat about RR


People often say that dreams are meant to come true. For me, as a passionate fan of Rajasthan Royals, getting the chance to intern with them this IPL season was nothing short of a dream come true. What I know as a fan is just the tip of the iceberg; the real work, the relentless 24x7 efforts behind the scenes, is what makes the magic happen.

This year, I got the incredible opportunity to work as a brand marketing intern with the team I love the most. Let me share a glimpse of my journey, from cheering from the stands to working with the team.

As a fan, I always enjoy the thrills of the game, the excitement of each match, and the joy of supporting my favorite team. However, being part of the team provided me with an entirely new perspective. From creating content for Super Royal Page to becoming an intern, each day with Rajasthan Royals was filled with new learnings and experiences. The behind-the-scenes efforts are extraordinary—designing the stadium, curating the fan experience, planning events, and ensuring every moment is unforgettable for the fans. The dedication and passion of the RR team are truly inspiring.

From planning fan activation activities to coordinating events, all these tasks never felt like work to me; it was pure joy, each day filled with new learnings and experiences. The camaraderie within the team made it even more special. The fan-first approach, the drive to stand out in everything, and the unwavering commitment to excellence are what make RR exceptional. Whether it’s the impact match of the season, the initiatives of the Rajasthan Royals Foundation, or being the first team to do a hot air balloon activation for the fans, RR always creates a unique and memorable experience.


Being a part of this team taught me invaluable lessons in branding, event management, and fan engagement. It also deepened my love and respect for the team. The journey has been filled with memorable moments, from cheering during nail-biting matches to working late nights on exciting projects.

Thank you, Rajasthan Royals, for this incredible opportunity. Here’s to many more seasons of cheering and supporting you.

Halla Bol today, tomorrow, and always!