“Our next jersey designed by you, for you” – This was the tagline when the Royals first announced that their jerseys for the latest edition of the IPL will be designed by their fans. The team asked its fans to share design elements that represent true aspects of Rajasthan such as culture, history, iconic symbols and more. The announcement had the Royals fan base cheering and with just a few days left for RR’s first match in years, the team unveiled their new fan-designed jerseys for the upcoming tournament.

The new RR jersey utilizes the old royal blue colour palette, similar to its previous counterparts. It reminds the fans of the team they support and the quality that RR represents – Royalty. It also has new additions, one of which is a bright pink line running along its shoulders to represent the Pink City of Jaipur. It also has two gold colored lions adorning the frontal half of the jersey, which is meant to represent the royalty and rich cultural history of Rajasthan. The final new feature on the jersey is the quirky handlebar moustache on the back of the jersey, below the player numbers. The iconic moustache is a symbol that most people relate Rajasthan to, as the look is an important part of Rajasthani culture and heritage. The jersey was unveiled in Jaipur, in an event which was attended by the likes of Shane Warne, Ajinkya Rahane, Jaydev Unadkat, RR co-owner Manoj Badale and JK Lakshmi Cement president Shailendra Chouksey. In the event, RR also announced that the team has appointed JK Lakshmi Cement as their title sponsors. It was covered by JK Lakshmi on their official twitter handle as well:

The event became the topic of conversation and was covered by reputed publications such as DNA, Dainik Navjyoti, Daily News and more.

In a report published by DNA, JK Lakshmi President Shailendra Chouksey spoke about the company’s association with RR and stated, “We are proud to associate with Rajasthan as the title sponsor for this IPL edition. The team’s inherent strength, killer instinct, buland soch, coupled with innovative thinking are the ingredients of sure success – something very similar to the philosophy of JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.” He went on to add, “Rajasthan Royals have shown the undaunted temperament to take the competitor head-on, which is a perfect fit for the brand of JK Lakshmi. We wish the team all the best and look forward to forging a great and lasting partnership.” DNA also reported that the teams’ loyal fans in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chattisgarh and Haryana were immensely excited about the partnership between the two companies and that this will help the Royals with gaining undisputed leadership in the marketplace. As a part of the partnership, Dainik Navjoyti reported that the Royals will be sporting their new and blue jerseys, with the JK Lakshmi logo adorning their chest. RR co-owner, RR Manoj Badale also commented on the partnership and said, “We are proud to be associated with JK Lakshmi, a leading and trusted cement manufacturing brand in India which is known for its uncompromising values and virtues and celebrates a century old trust from its consumers”.

It is clear from all of RR’s moves that the team is determined to ensure that their comeback makes not just a major – but the right impact as well, and this recent partnership with JK Lakshmi is more than indicative of the fact that the Royals are back and are ready to honor the spirit of the sport, by embracing their strong and stalwart image, having a jersey that represents what they stand for and by teaming up with a company that believes in similar philosophies.


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