Sports Marketing Foundation


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Students will gain core understanding of how sports are organised, fundamental principles of marketing and how these are applied in marketing, digital trends, and platforms that sports marketers utilize today.

4-5 weeks

3-4 hours / week

Online / Self paced

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4-5 weeks

3-4 hours / week

Online / Self paced

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  • Internship Opportunity

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INR 2,860

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  • Start Immediately & Learn 24/7 ‘On Demand’
  • Internship Opportunity

Retail Price:

INR 2,860

Offer Price:

(Apply coupon ROYALS35 to get above price)

INR 1,859

4-5 weeks

3-4 hours / week

Online / Self paced

  • Start Immediately & Learn 24/7 ‘On Demand’
  • Internship Opportunity

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  • Last date to register for course: 20th Feb, 2022
  • Program start date: 28th Feb, 2022
  • Get certified by World’s No 1 Business School INSEAD and Rajasthan Royals

This Course Includes

  • 30 minutes of Rajasthan Royals Insights videos featuring Royals’ senior executives

  • An additional 80 minutes of video-based content & 40 minutes of audio-based content

  • 4 modules exploring critical marketing concepts and theories

  • Learning refresher quizzes for each module

  • Rajasthan Royals - Deakin University co-branded Certificate of Completion and Digital Badge for inclusion on your CV & LinkedIn profile 

Course introduction

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Deakin University

Top 1% Global University

Deakin University is an Australian university, with its campus in Melbourne, Victoria. Deakin is ranked in the Top 1% of the global universities and is renowned for its sports programs; for example, Deakin’s Sport Science school is ranked 3rd in the world.


  • Understanding of the organisation of sport, marketing fundamentals, sports marketing, and digital trends and platforms.

  • Learnings that blend theory with commercially astute video-based case studies presented by Rajasthan Royals executives. 

  • Unique exposure to the activation of marketing theory into real world commercial decisions within an elite, globally-focussed sports business. 

  • Co-branded Certificate of Completion & digital badge to add to your resume / LinkedIn profile. 

Course Benefits

Certificate from Rajasthan Royals and Deakin University

Be a part of Deakin Alumni Community

Privileged access to RR sports webinar & weekly insights newsletter

Royal insights via management case studies

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Management case studies

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Sport Organisation

By the end of this first module, you will be able to:

  • • Define sport in relation to sport management
  • • Identify agencies responsible for the organisation of sport internationally and locally
  • • Describe the governance, management and policy practices of sport organisations
  • • Understand the role of corporate sport and events

What is Sport?

To understand what sport is, it is important to differentiate between games, play and sport. This section endeavours to define ‘sport’, and then explores sport management, sports administration and the nature of sporting organisations.

Introducing the Sports Industry

The sports industry relies upon the continual flow of athletes who are progressively developed to the point that they are professional athletes. This section considers sport development from two distinct perspectives - the development of sport and development through sport.

Corporate and Event Sport

This section looks at professional sports and the increasing bond between business and sport through sponsorships and the media. It identifies the tension created in sport as organisations juggle the traditions of their sports and the commercialisation opportunities.

Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing is a critical area of businesses and organisations. Marketing allows businesses to expand their horizons by connecting to the world and exploring what consumers are looking for through value creation. This module will introduce you to the fundamentals of marketing and the creativity involved in creating a marketable product. By the end of this module, you will be able to:

• Describe the principles and practices of marketing management and research as they apply to the unique characteristics of sport and sport management

• Explain the relevance of the marketing function and its place in the role of management

• Understand the 4P’s of marketing and the need for ROI (return on investment)


The Marketing Environment

Whilst all disciplines have their role, marketing is the most dynamic and creative area of commerce linking organisations to their customers and other stakeholders. This section introduces candidates to key concepts such as market research and consumer behaviour, as well as a 5-step marketing model.

The 4 P’s of Marketing

Building upon your learning of the marketing environment, this section introduces the four primary elements of any marketing strategy – the 4 P's – namely, product, price, promotion and place. These issues need to be managed by firms in order to create value for their customers and capture value from them in return.

Marketing in Action

This section covers the most important concepts in marketing that allow marketers to design customer-driven marketing strategies: segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning. It explores the importance of developing a sound understanding of how the market is divided into different parts (segments) that have different needs and wants and targeting those segments whose needs and wants can be satisfied with your market offerings.

The Commercial Models and Risk Management

Explore IOC income and expenditure; FIFA income streams; access to different revenue streams – TV rights, marketing rights, licencing agreements, hospitality rights & ticket sales, other revenue streams; event risk management and readiness; ‘Rajasthan Royals Insight’ on the franchise’s long term commercial viability featuring CEO of Royals Sports Group, Mike Fordham; impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on sport. 


Sports Marketing

In this module, we examine the techniques and strategies involved in the marketing of sport. We also explore the landscape for the sport consumer and the unique characteristics of your product and how to market this. By the end of this module, you should be able to:

• Describe marketing concepts and recognize their application within real-world scenarios

• Distinguish market information to develop segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies within culturally diverse environments

• Recognise marketing strategies in different environments and contexts


Sports Marketing Fundamentals

This section explores the key elements of a comprehensive marketing campaign, namely advertising, promotion, sponsorship and brand management. It then introduces learners to the distinctive features of sports marketing, including trends and issues that sports marketers need to be cognitive of.

Sports Consumers

We look at the various categories of sports consumers and explore their behaviours and motives as consumers. We then look at market research and its importance to market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies.

Products, Promotion & Sponsorship

This section explores the difference between a good and a service from a marketing perspective. It then introduces the concepts of branding, promotional strategies and sponsorship.

Digital Trends and Platforms

By the end of this module, learners should be able to:

• Understand emerging trends in marketing, personalisation and technology

• Consider what digital platforms can deliver desired marketing campaigns

• Understand the role of social media in the marketing mix


Marketing Trends

New technologies are offering efficiencies at a speed society has not experienced before. This section explores how consumers adapt and use new technologies and the challenge this presents businesses in understanding current trends, how to apply them to their product and audience, and how to stay ahead of the curve so they don’t become redundant.

Digital Platforms

This section takes a comparative look at ‘new media’ compared to traditional media channels and introduces the concept of digital marketing. It explores the growing importance of social media and mobile platforms to the marketing industry.


This certifies that the student successfully completed the Rajasthan Royals Sports Marketing Foundation course and, in doing so, acquired key learnings in sports and sports marketing. 

Ratings & Reviews


80 Ratings

Daksh Patelverified learner

The experience was great . Thankyou Rajasthan royals for creating such courses to give us such insight knowledge 

Urvi Shahverified learner

The course is well curated for anyone who wants to start off in the field of sports marketing or just learn more about the field. The best part about the course is the examples and videos from the RR officials. It helps you understand how certain concepts work on ground. One thing that at points may confuse someone is the next chapter option which is after the comments so often in a flow one may feel lost. Overall a great course and totally recommend it! 

Arnav Bahujaverified learner

Great Content.

Arundhati chopraverified learner

Highly knowledgeable course. Keep it up.

Saket Vaidyaverified learner

In terms of content it is spot on but one thing I would want it to improve on is app experience which wasn't that great for me personally and just focus on the content there's always a scope for improvement.


Kevin Mehtaverified learner


Gurkirpal gillverified learner

I liked the integration of video which was very fun and made me come back again and again. The insight from the emplyoees of RR was pretty insightful as well. Overall a very good experience.

Veigas Dominicverified learner

The Course was good and helpful 

Savyo Josephverified learner


Anushree Ghaisasverified learner

It was a pleasure to learn this course from a leading Cricket teams in India. Got to learn so many new things. Also, had a great experience sharing some things to my fellow classmates got to learn from them too. Overall, the course was great, came to know a lot of things which I wasn?t aware of. Kudos to the whole RR team for this opportunity. Overall, the course was great, came to know a lot of things which I wasn?t aware of. Kudos to the whole RR team for this opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions


Tell us more about Deakin University

Deakin University is an Australian University, with it's campus in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Deakin is ranked in the top 1% of the global universities and is renowned for its sports programs; for example, Deakin’s sport science school is ranked third in the world.


How is the program delivered?

The program is provided 100% online on the Open Learning platform. The programs are theoretical with video insights from the Rajasthan Royals management and main team. The modules have been prepared with a theoretical framework approach involving various case studies and video content based on the functioning of Rajasthan Royals Management. All lectures are pre-recorded and hence the module content can be studied at any time from any device.


How is the program structured?

The program comprises of multiple modules depending upon the course.  Modules contain text and video-based learning content, with ten randomized questions based on the content undertaken at the end of each module. As the programs are delivered online, the content is available 24 hours a day enabling candidates to undertake the course when it's most convenient for them to do so.


How long does it take to complete the program?

The program is self-paced and can be completed in 4-6 weeks with 3-4 hours of effort. The time also varies depending on what approach you take for your learning. We recommend candidates reflect on the course material as they progress through the programs and look for additional relevant case studies from the world of sport to deepen the learning provided through the programs


On completion of the course will I receive a certificate?

Yes, upon successful completion of the course you will receive an online certificate. No hard copies of the certificate will be provided.


Does completion of the courses give guaranteed internship at Rajasthan Royals?

On successful completion of either of the following programs, you will get an opportunity to interview with Rajasthan Royals.

  • • Sports Media and Broadcasting

  • • Sports Marketing Advanced 

  • • Professional Certificate in Social Media Marketing

  • • Sports Events and Facilities Management

Upon completing the assessment set by the HR at Rajasthan Royals followed by interviews with the respective Heads of Department, the internship will be offered to 1-3 interns/ year. The internship process starts from November for term of Jan – June.


What are the assessments in the course?

At the end of each module there is a quiz with ten randomized questions based on the content undertaken at the end of each module will be conducted, clearing it with 50% grades will provide you with access to the next module.


What will I gain from undertaking the program?

Upon completion, candidates will have gained valuable knowledge and insights into the rapidly growing fields in sports industry and in-depth insights into sports marketing. Candidates will receive a Certificate of Completion jointly issued by the Rajasthan Royals & Deakin University.


Who can I contact in case I have further queries?

For further information on the programs, please email DeakinCo. at:

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