Jaipur, Thursday, 18th April: Indian Premier League franchise, Rajasthan Royals in association with Tata Trusts today launched a state wide ‘Cancer Out’ campaign to popularise cancer screening. It will be run with the support of Government of Rajasthan, National Cancer Grid, Indian Cancer Society and Indian Dental Association in the state of Rajasthan starting today.

The initiative is being launched to lay emphasis on saving lakhs of preventable deaths each year through awareness and education about cancer, its risk factors, and urging government and individuals across the state to take action. There is an immediate requirement to raise awareness among people at large who have inequitable access to early cancer detection, treatment and care services. With the leaders in cancer care, health professionals and supporters pushing for urgent action to reduce the rate of premature cancer deaths globally, this day calls for encouraging screening, and for cancer diagnosis and treatment access to be prioritised across Rajasthan which falls at sixth position on the map of India for the maximum cancer deaths.

Rajasthan has a very high burden of cancer with more than 100,000 new cancer patients every year. 25% of actual cancer cases remain undetected and most cancer patients are diagnosed in the late stages leading to high mortality of up to 70% even in those cancers which are curable if detected early. At least 50% of cancer cases can be potentially cured through screening and early detection

Keeping this in mind, Rajasthan Royals has teamed up with Tata Trusts to draw attention to cancer and its burden.
During this IPL season, Rajasthan Royals will host a ‘Cancer out Match’ against Chennai Super Kings that is scheduled for May 11, 2018. On the match day, the Royals will don a special jersey to raise awareness and appeal to the people of Rajasthan to come forward and join hands to support our cause which will be telecasted live and exclusive on Star Sports network.

This initiative will target youth and its influence to encourage family members for regular screening especially for cancer. Tata Trusts will empower doctors, medical staff, community health workers and partner NGOs that will assist with on-ground screening and early detection activities.

At the onset of the campaign, with the support of all partners, 10 screening centers have been activated and will be open for public to get themselves screened.

“This partnership with Tata Trusts gives us an opportunity to educate people about prevention of cancer by addressing its risk factors, the importance of cancer screening, diagnosis and early treatment” said Ranjit Barthakur, the Executive Chairman of Rajasthan Royals who was inspired by R. Venkataramanan of Tata Trusts

“The combination of our efforts with the Government, NCG, ICS and IDA can make a difference in making people aware of the benefits of screening and early detection of common cancers mainly oral, cervical and breast cancer. Through this campaign, we want to make it easier for people to figure out how and where they can be screened, and to encourage them to do so” added Barthakur.

“Taking even small steps when it comes to your health, such as getting routine cancer screenings, is beneficial in many ways. You can avoid a debilitating financial burden later on by catching cancer early, in addition to potentially saving your life”, commented Manoj Badale, Lead owner of Rajasthan Royals.

Mr. R. Venkataramanan, Managing Trustee, Tata Trusts stated that "Tata Trusts is committed to making a difference to the people of Rajasthan and are proud to partner with Rajasthan Royals, the state government and our clinical associates in increasing awareness about cancer using IPL as the platform. This initiative is bound to bust myths regarding cancer being a fatal disease "

Tata Trusts will design, plan and assist in implementation of a mass media awareness campaign and a screening programme across the state leading to referral of patients and appropriate care for “screened-positives”. They also plan to monitor and evaluate effectiveness of the entire programme which has been designed as per central government's operational framework.


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