The driving force behind our community has always been our Royal fans. This season, we are offering our fans, yet another innovating activity where they have the opportunity to contribute to the design of our IPL 2018 Jersey!

As a fan, you can participate in this activity across our social media platforms, which are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To participate, you would need to share an element that you think will go well with the IPL 2018 Rajasthan Royals’ jersey. You should also add as to where and how would you want the placement of the element, along with a symbolic reason as to why you think this element works well with the Jersey. Think of culture, history, iconic symbols and more, that represent true elements of Rajasthan. Connect with us on our social media platforms to learn how you can participate via each of the platforms. What’s more is that there is no limit in the number of entries one can send so can you send as many entries that you may like.

We will take the best ideas and brainstorm with our designers and who knows, we could incorporate your design element on our IPL 2018 Jersey*.

Aaapki pasand banegi hamari pasand – #RRHamariJersey!

*Terms & Conditions apply.


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