Tim Southee says New Zealand are looking forward to Day-Night Test series against Australia

09th October 2015

New Zealand prepare under lights in preparation for the Day-Night Test series against Australia, which begins on November 27. Fast bowler Tim Southee says that his side are looking forward to the historic Test series. "It's going to be interesting - there's been a lot of talk about it," he said. "The players are getting their heads around the ideal preparation leading into it," he added. New Zealand play a two-day warm-up match at Hamilton with the pink ball, which will give them an indication of what to expect. "It'll be interesting to see how it reacts then and, from there, we'll get more of a gauge on how it does, and whether it does move around more at night or during the day," said Southee.

I guess there's a lot of excitement and anticipation around how it's going to play and what it's going to be like," he added, according to cricket.com.au.

Meanwhile the Black Caps will dawn the jersey that New Zealand were accustomed to wear in the 1980s in the upcoming T20 International (T20I) matches against Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It was an iconic colour back in the day and had briefly returned for a T20I in 2005 and will now return for five matches in January 2016.

In recent times, the beige jersey made a solid comeback in form of widening cult popularity. The Beige Brigade, a fan organisation, was primarily responsible for driving the popularity. In light of the growing popularity, New Zealand heralded in the T20 era by playing their first ever T20I in the kit and the crowd response was overwhelming. Yet, the kit was ousted in favour of black. It will be interesting to see how many Kiwi fans ride on the Beige cult this time. New Zealand will continue to wear black in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) though.

With excerpts from:http://www.cricketcountry.com/news/tim-southee-says-new-zealand-are-looking-forward-to-day-night-test-series-against-australia-337693

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