Statement from Mr Manoj Badale, Co-Owner, Rajasthan Royals

19th May 2013 :

Following the working council meeting today, the Rajasthan Royals are keen to comment on a number of important issues relating to the depressing events late last week.

 As we have stated on several occasions, we, along with the BCCI and other IPL franchises, take a zero tolerance approach to spot or game fixing. The impact on the game, our team, and our franchise has been devastating. It is critical that this evil is rooted out of the game, and as such we will be filing FIR's with the Delhi police, based on the information provided. This will ensure that justice is pursued to its most complete end, and that the police are able to appropriately conduct their investigation. The reputational impact on the franchise, our players, our stakeholders, and the game has been immense. The actions must be punished. 

We would also request that the media show due restraint in the reporting of the events as it relates to our other players. The authorities have confirmed that the issue relates only to these three players, and we have a squad who have shown extraordinary commitment, and loyalty through an unprecedented set of events. In the quest for information, names have appeared in the media, all of which have been immediately cleared by the authorities. As a franchise, we will protect the good, as well as seek punishment for the bad. We stand firmly with our squad, and will pursue any defamation with the utmost vigour. We are trying to prepare for the toughest part of the tournament, and are looking forward to the firm support of our loyal fans. We want to also take this opportunity to congratulate Rahul Dravid and his squad on achieving the playoffs, in spite of the misguided and reprehensible actions of three players.



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